President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday afternoon inaugurated commercial domestic operations at the Bicol International Airport (BIA) after 11 years of delay.The PHP5 billion international airport facility in Daraga, Albay, will start receiving commercial domestic flights on Thursday and will be ready for international flights a month later.
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Day 8 Business Academy Foundation, a social enterprise dedicated to helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), conducted a survey between June and August this year to determine the current state of mind of SME business owners and see what kind of help or assistance they need given the daunting challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.
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A new Chinese legal requirement demands that multiple classes of foreign vessels traversing waters claimed by Beijing must provide detailed information to state authorities and take aboard Chinese pilots. The new maritime law, which came into legal force today (September 1), threatens to inflame South China Sea disputes pitting China and Southeast Asian nations and stoke already rising tensions with the United States in the contested waters.
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“The world is watching as the Philippines Senate looks set to approve the most progressive and risk-proportionate vaping legislation in Asia Pacific. We’re hoping other countries in the region will then follow their lead,” says Nancy Loucas, Executive Coordinator of the Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates (CAPHRA).
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Residents of Dumaguete City are up in arms over a massive offshore reclamation project being spearheaded by their local government. Voting 6-3, the Dumaguete City council last week approved a motion authorizing Mayor Felipe Antonio B. Remollo to forge a joint venture agreement with Quezon City-based construction company E.M. Cuerpo Inc. on the proposed P23-billion Dumaguete Smart City Reclamation Project, which aims to add 174 hectares of reclaimed land to the current city coastline.
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A clear and troubling consensus has emerged in the American national security community that the Taiwan Strait is the most likely place for a major war to erupt between the United States and China; that it might start soon, and that such a conflict might quickly escalate into a nuclear confrontation.
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Two months ago, I had a Zoom meeting with fisherfolk from Zambales who complained that their fish catch had been dwindling because huge Chinese trawlers have been scooping the fish in their traditional fishing grounds in the West Philippine Sea, leaving them with smaller fish. Filipino fishermen use only wooden boats with outriggers that are dwarfed by the huge steel-hulled Chinese trawlers
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In the town of Pilar in the central Philippines, a community of 11,308 residents looks after one of the most successful marine protected areas in the country: the Pilar Municipal Marine Park (PMMP). Established in 2005, the 179-hectare (443-acre) park stands out among the thousands of MPAs in the Philippines, which experts say are only protected on paper.
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How could they forget the terrifying moments when the bright, rainy afternoon of June 15, 1991, suddenly turned into a very dark night and mud rained down from the sky? How could they forget how the subsequent lahar flows buried densely populated communities in a blink of an eye? This was the primary reason why the Center for Kapampangan Studies at the Holy Angel University (HAU) in Angeles City decided to establish a Pinatubo Museum in 2016.
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