Since 2012, China and the Philippines have been embroiled in a tussle over the Scarborough Shoal — both lay claim to it but sovereignty has never been established and it remains effectively under Beijing’s control. The fresh controversy has once again brought the South China Sea dispute to the forefront.
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China’s naval pressure campaign against rival nations in the South China Sea has reached unprecedented heights since yearly short-term moratoriums on fishing were lifted, with Chinese ships shadowing Western warships in the region and seeking to interrupt maritime resupply on a submerged, Philippine-claimed island.
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Googling “the Philippines startup scene” in 2023 turns up very different results. Some platforms proclaim that the country’s “Golden Era of Startups” has arrived. Tech in Asia is particularly excited about the market, and we have a three-part documentary about its startup scene. The country is also next on the roster of destinations for our monthly Founders’ Meetup.
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Many times the best way to highlight or create a buzz around products, partnerships or any noteworthy development is to send out a press release, a document that consists of all the facts. This in turn is sent to various media outlets and more often than not nudges the journalists to take note and cover a larger story that helps build trust for the brand and audience.
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Precast concrete technology has emerged as a promising solution for infrastructure development in the Philippines due to its numerous advantages, such as speed, quality, and cost-effectiveness. However, like any construction method, it also faces challenges in its widespread adoption. This article delves into the key challenges and opportunities precast concrete presents in the Philippines' infrastructure sector.
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The Philippines has bowed out of the Women's World Cup after a euphoric campaign that united a country where football is not the national sport. It was a "magical" debut that saw the country's first World Cup goal and gave birth to new sport idols, the Philippine Football Federation said.
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