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As a young girl, Nora Aunor was so indigent that she sold water in plastic containers to weary travelers in a train station and collected metal scraps to augment provisions for her family. She eventually went to the big city to seek her luck by singing in contests. A few years later, Nora Aunor was a star, a “superstar” as a matter of fact, the biggest the Philippines had produced.
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This actually happened to me. It was such a traumatic experience; so much so that for 37 years, I’ve shared this with only a select few. I finally had the courage to talk about it last August 2017 at the Assumption College Alumnae Triennial Reunion in New York where I was one of the guest speakers. I was asked to talk about my life, how I got to where I am today, and who were the “angels or wings” that helped me along the way, and how I managed to stay airborne.
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For many years, I’ve seen incredible baskets from the Philippines — mostly at Cost Plus stores, yard sales, or at Goodwill. As a California basket weaver steeped in native American basket traditions, I wondered about the Filipino communities that produce these baskets and what role the baskets play in their economies and cultures today.
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