40 List Of Philippines Weird Superstitious Belief

List of Philippines Weird Superstitions BeliefIntroduction: What is superstition? How it affects the life of every Filipino?Superstition is the belief in supernatural causality—that one event leads tothe cause of another without any natural process linking the two events,mostare unknown origins."Pamahiin" is actually the Filipino word for superstitious beliefs and is said to be the basis of some groups of people's way of life. Filipinos are said to have great belief in superstition. Involved in Philippines culture, and many pinoy's determined based their daily living in superstition. 

1.To lose a child hiccup, put the yarn in the forehead.

 2.If you see a blackcat it means bad luck.

 3.If a spoon falls during a meal, you will be visited by a woman.  If it is a fork, a
    man will be visiting, while if it is a teaspoon, it will be a child.

 4.Do not sweep at night because you might  sweep as well the luck.

 5.A bad signs when you heard the hum of crow near your home there is a bad     thing to happen to your family.

 6.The cricket will bear good luck at home.

 7.When you're lost in the forest, you reversed your clothes to see you again the     right way back.

 8.At the funeral, the children must cross over the grave of dead,to not return the     soul of the dead person.

 9.Putting perfume on baby is bad because the baby will be interesting to the     angels so they tend it to die.

 10.To be wise the newborn baby, the placenta must bury in the ground        accompanied by pencil and paper.

 11.Don't comb your hair at night, lest you become bald, orphaned, or widowed.      But if you must       comb at night, bite the tip of the comb first.

 12.Whatever you do or feel on New Year's Day will continue the rest of the year.

 13.Jumping on Easter morning hastens growth and makes a person taller.

 14.Carry a piece of ginger on your body when you visit a place not frequented by       others, so that the evil spirits of that place will not harm you.

 15.Before stepping on an anthill, first ask to be excused.  Otherwise, a spirit may     play tricks on you.

 16.Do not harm or cut down a balete tree, because it is a dwelling place of       fairies and enchancted spirits.

 17.Don't whistle or sing in the forest, lest the enchanted spirits imitate you and       cause to fall ill.
18.Don't take a bath during a full moon.

 19.Don't take a bath when there is a rainbow.

 20.Don't go out on Holy Thursday and Good Friday, for evil fairies are roaming       around to hurt people.

 21.To prevent rain, take ashes from the kitchen and spread them over your yard.

 22.To overcome stage fright when speaking in public, tuck one-centavo coin        inside the shoes you are wearing.

 23.If someone sneezes while you are about to leave your house, postpone your        trip or something bad will happen to you.

 24.When walking with friends, especially at night, always travel as a group of              even number.  If it is an odd number, one of you will be taken away by the              spirits to make the number even.

 25.Before throwing hot water onto the ground, give a warning to the elves.                   When harmed, they may retaliate by making you sick

 26.After studying at night, place the book you've been studying under your                  pillow, and you will retain what you have read.

 27.If you walk int he forest, rub your feet with garlic to prevent animals from                harming you.

 28.When the bells ring on Easter Sunday, shout at the top of your lungs and you        will have a long life.

 29.Avoid recurring dreams by turning your pillow upside down.

 30.Going to bed with wet hair leads to blindness and insanity.

 31.A wound inflicted on Good Friday will take a long time to heal.

 32.It is a good idea to change the name of a sickly child.  That way you may be         able to fool the spirits who are causing the sickness.

 33.The coffin should be built to fit the exact measurement of the corpse.                   Otherwise, a family member of the deceased will soon die.

 34.Always carry the coffin out of the house, church, or funeral parlor head first.         This prevents the soul of the dead from coming back.

 35.During the funeral march, a man whose wife is pregnant should not carry the       casket.  Before going home, he should light up a cigarette from a fire at the           cemetery gate in order to shak  off the spirits of the dead.

 36.When building a house, always remember to place certain things under each        structural post. Old coins and religious medals will drive away evil spirits              and ensure prosperity.  Musical score sheets, medals, coins ensure harmony        as well.

 37.If you want to know what your lifetime partner will look like, wake up in the            middle of the night and take a look at yourself in the mirror while holding a            lighted candle.  At first, the image in the mirror will appear to be a skeleton.          After five minutes, you will see a full view of the person you will marry.

 38.If a spider falls from his web and fails to climb back up, it signifies sorrow for        the family.  But if it falls and climbs back up again, it means that happiness          at hand.

 39.At the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve, eat twelve grapes which                      represent the twelve months of the year.  This will ensure money and good            luck throughout the year.

 40.If you choke briefly at mealtime, someone far away remembers you, or is              talking about you.To find out who that person could be, immediately ask for          any number from the people who are eating with you.  The number that will          match a letter in the alphabet will be the first letter of the person's name who        knows you and is the one who might have remembered you.

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