Ambahan: Problems

Ambahan: Problems

But at home, life is not always as pleasant as the Manygans would like it to be. There are dark days when the future doesn't look very bright. These dark days have to be overcome.

Handwritten version of ambahan 113

Balkawi, my climbing vine,You're not happy in that spotYour fine leaves are ripping thereAnd your poor stem creaks and cries.I have to replant you nowIn a place where you will thriveFree from rain and gusty winds.

Hoy, punong BalkawihanPangit ang tinubuanDahon mo'y nangalagasPuno mo'y langitngitanMuling itanim na langSa payapang hanginanSa walang daluyungan!

There are the domestic misunderstandings that might arise; the simple accidents that might happen.

Handwritten version of ambahan 115

Sticks from the balanti treeIf you cut them properlyFrom the depth they will resound.But if cut improperlyAll you get is awful noise.

Kalutang kong BalantiKung timbang iyang yariTaginting ay mabiniKung tabtab mali-maliSintunadong matindi!

There is no reason, however, to be as upset about a domestic misunderstanding or a simple accident as about a great disaster.

Handwritten version of ambahan 117

What is the matter with youthat you are so much upset?Like the heavens coming down,as if the whole sky collapsed!Even rain will stop some day,but rain doesn't own a house!A storm will not last all time,but storm has no place like you!Are you not a human? Man?Doesn't man always go backto his dwelling place, his home?

Bakit ka nagkaganyan?Ang ulo mo'y kay initBagsak ang kalangitanParang bayang guhuanPagtila nitong ulanUla'y walang tahananHihinto ang ampiyasanHangi'y walang uwianDi ba't tao ka namanDi ba't may babalikanSa kawayang daluyan!

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