Quintale beach

Anda is unusual in the Philippines in still having a large grassed plaza at its centre. This shades imperceptibly into its famous beach on the eastern side. Technically speaking, this is Quintale beach (Quintale used to be the name of this whole town).

Municipal tourism officials can be reached at ☎ +63 907 680 1127 or

Get in

  • Manila to Tagbilaran city

by airplane (1h15mn) - Manila airport terminal 2 (national)

  • Cebu city to Tagbilaran city

by boat (1h30mn) - pier, terminal 1, many boats everyday, no need to book, best time to leave from Cebu is around 11h00am

  • Tagbilaran to Anda

by mini van (1h30mn) - Arrived to Tagbilaran take a tricycle (₱50) to bus station, ask mini van to go to Anda (₱130 by head, if you have big bags they will charge 1 seat more)

  • Cebu city to Talibon city

by boat The best value ferry from Cebu City is operated by VG Shipping Lines (☎ +63 32 416-6226 in Cebu, +63 38 515 5268 in Talibon) and leaves from Pier 3. Although the journey to Talibon pier in the north of Bohol takes 4h30mn, the journey usually hugs the coast so there is usually something to see other than empty ocean. The one way trip is great value at ₱140 for comfortable plastic seats, but there are also plastic covered mattresses in an air-conditioned room available for ₱250. Motorcycles are ₱300 one way. Regular buses then operate from the pier to Anda.

Get around

Anda is small enough to explore by foot, but it is also possible to catch a tricycle or a motorbike driver for a usual fee of 10 pesos per person.


Cabagnow cave
  • Anda water caves there is many underground rivers with transparent water coming from the montains to the sea.
  • Anda blue heaven go to this viewpoint is a good opportunity to trek on the mountain, visit villages, Allow 2 hours walk.
  • Anda Falls (lat=9.7624 | long=124.5671 take the concrete road north that starts one block east of the church until it ends at the cemetery. Turn right on the track and then swing left to follow the eastern cemetery wall. Continue uphill following the track under the power line and follow the sounds of tumbling water. [April 2016: the path seems kind of 'closed', and there's a bunch of 'No Trespassing' signs at the base of the path. You can still walk up but you'll need to take another route if you have a motorbike]) If you're tired of salt water stinging your eyes, there is a large and deep concrete cistern to swim in at the base of the falls.
  • Monument to US liberators (lat=9.7430 | long=124.5764). In the second world war, Japanese efforts to sell a "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" to poor Filipinos proved markedly less successful than Hollywood's peddling of the American Dream, and the wholesale arrests, punitive expeditions, and summary executions that were then substituted in an effort to retain control, only increased the determination of Filipino patriots to resist.The successful guerrilla movements in the extreme east of Bohol meant that there were no Japanese units left to oppose US forces when they landed on Anda beach on 11 April 1944.It's a measure of Filipino magnanimity to their colonial occupiers that although there is a fine monument to US liberators to greet the visitor, there is none to celebrate the local guerrillas that made those landings unopposed.


Enjoy the sunset
Chilled out and friendly atmosphere
  • Blue Star dive and resort. One of the best known, accept Credit card.  
  • Anda Divers Enjoy, global1, Poblacion, Anda, 09294541635. ₱ 1600.  
  • Anda adventures, ''1PEACE beach resort''. Tandem Kayak, Standard Bike, Mountain Bike and Motorbike for rent  
  • Anda Bohol Skimboarderz, Poblacion, Quinale beach. saturday-Sunday. 100 pesos.  

Day trip

Caumantad natural swimming pools
Chocolate hills
  • Lamanoc point in barangay Badiang, is the eastern-most cape of Bohol island and has limestone rocks, caves, and its own tiny and secluded white-sand beaches. There's a very long bamboo pier, that leads through a large mangrove forest to a waiting shed on stilts to wait for a small banca while maybe feeding the local monkeys. Medicine men (baylan or tambalan) officiated at the internment of wooden lungon or boat coffins (so called because they have been from a dug-out log, similar to the way boats were made) and old earthenware jars. You can still see finger paintings using haematite (red iron oxide) pigments in some of the caves.
  • Caumantad waterfall around 20 km from Anda, Caumantad is the highest waterfall of Bohol (20 m) with some natural swimming pools.
  • Chocolate hills, Carmen 1 hour from Anda by motorbike, Amazing view of the famous chocolate hills.


  • R&S Restaurant (lat=9.74254 | long=124.57493 ☎ +63 939 303 9228) This is a surprisingly nice restaurant for such a small and isolated town, reflecting the increasing number of Estonian, Finnish and Scandinavian visitors. It has both satellite TV and air-conditioning. Meals are ₱180 and up.
  • Coco Loco Café (lat=9.74254 | long=124.57493 ☎ +63 908 508 5847) Wide range of meat and vegetarian dishes including ribs, buffalo, 100% beefburgers. Funky decor and large music selection catering to tourists and travelers. Also craft beer from Cebu availalble! Meals from ₱99- 379.
  • Food center behind the Anda market (lat=9.7421 | long=124.5735) has 8 stalls offering cheap Filipino food, pizza & pasta in a long, open-air, covered area. Dawn to dusk.


  • On the road resto & bar, Anda market (Anda city center). 5pm - 2 am. On the Road is an place where Local people and foreigner can learn about all cultures. Bbq, fresh beer, cocktail, many kind of music, wifi, apple tv. 100.  


  • Little Miami Beach (lat=9.7403 | long=124.5753 go to the church. Walk to the sea's edge across the grassed plaza. Turn right and walk for 300m; it's right on the water's edge. No direct access by road) Seven small but well maintained cabins, each with a tiny verandah, air-con, cable TV, en suite shower, WC & wash hand basin. Surprisingly it has better Wi-Fi than nearby resorts charging three times the price. Even more surprisingly, the German-made shower heater produces an adequate flow of water with a stable temperature. Volleyball & table tennis available. ☎ +63 915 630 7739 ₱800-1500.
  • anda lodge, +63 999 480 8055. simple double rooms in the town centre. cold water only, thw manager is very nice and also works as a manager of the nicer "anda de boracay resort", no wifi but you can go and use the wifi in "anda de boracay". ₱600-800.
  • 1PEACE beach resort, Virgen, Anda (3 km before city center), +63 928 255 5753 ( lat="9.7281" long="124.5425" Chilled out and friendly atmosphere. Located right on a small beach, here you can enjoy the sea, by snorkeling on coral wall. They rent motorbikes for day trips to waterfalls, chocolate hills or just for exploring the island. Also bicycles and kayaks are available, you can paddle to see the sunset from the ocean or stay in the tower, listen the sounds of the nature in hammock. Every night you can sit around a big table with other guests and enjoy the family dinner what is freshly made everyday by their french and finnish kitchenwizards. Cuisine changes by wishes of the guests. Breakfast & lunch is also available. ₱400-800-1200-1400
  • Kims Garden, Candabong, Anda (4 km before city center), +63 9194898604. Kims-Garden is a quiet and beautiful place to stay. Best place for snorkeling. ₱1500-2500-3500.  
  • FloWer-Beach Resort, Virgen, Anda (3 km before city center), +63 918 579 6166 ( Solid houses with own terrace/seaview, shower and toilet. Standard with 2 single beds or 1 double bed, ceiling fan. Deluxe are bigger, one double bed and one single bed, space to add 1 additional bed, so comfortable for 4 persons, aircondition, warm water, minibar. Restaurant serving international, asian and philippino dishes, beach bar. Own PADI dive center, all equipment and boats fir snorkeling abd diving, offers a wide range of PADI courses. Transport service available, from and to all points on Bohol and also Cebu city / airport. ₱2600-3600.  


First Consolidated Bank has an ATM (lat=9.7441 | long=124.5767) at the west corner of the Town Hall - but this accepts only PITAKArds and not cards affiliated to any of the Filipino networks, never mind the international ones!

  • There is international ATM in Jagna ,35km from Anda, in Ubay (50 km) or Tagbilaran (90 km).

There is an ATM of Metrobank in the entry area of the Town Hall, which also accepts international Credit Cards (VISA or MC) to give cash up to P 10.000 at a time, for a fee of only P 15!

Stay safe

There are relatively few sea urchins to impale you if you don't go out more than about 60m from the high water mark at the town beach. However, because their wounds can be very slow to heal and often turn septic, you might be better off wearing something on your feet unless you're directly opposite the entrance to Little Miami Beach.


Anda is pretty unusual in having both clean public showers and WC on the beach and making them free of charge. They're 30m west of the municipal visitor assistance office.


Municipal tourism officials can be reached at ☎ +63 907 680 1127 or

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