Art in Island


Where kids are part of the art

In some museums you are not allowed to take pictures, or only after turning your flash off. Well, this museum is different. They want you to take as much photos and videos as you like. Art in Island is a great interactive 3D museum for all ages. Artists have created numerous 3D art paintings and you are allowed to be part of the art! 

Art In Island - Manila For Kids

Photo credit: Art In Island

Be creative

They have created different scenes and it's up to you to be creative and think of the most funny pose you can do with it. 

There is an underwater scene where you can be the mermaid, or a surfer in a giant wave to simulate you are the one riding it.

Art In Island - Manila For Kids

Isn't this a fun picture? Great family shot!

We liked the one where we are trapped in a glass bottle in the middle of the ocean. Or the chair were we turned into giants and dwarfs. There are just so many different stories you can make. Be creative and I promise that your photos will be amazing! 

Nice surprise

After paying for your ticket, you have to take off your shoes and you get them back at the exit. Since you are part of the art, you will be stepping on the paintings, so it needs to stay clean and pristine. Please bring socks!

To still your cravings in-between your picture taking sessions, there is a restaurant with basic rice meals and sandwiches. The restaurant is  actually a really nice surprise. They've recycled many of the things they used while painting the art. They've re-used paint buckets, scaffolding and metal scraps for the interior. Take a close look at the paintings on the wall in the restaurant…what do you think it is?

When you need to use the bathroom, you might not want to go in on just your socks right? No need to worry though, as they've provided slippers/crocs for you to use. There were not that many crocs available when we went, so I can imagine you may need to wait on a busy day.

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Tips Art In Island

Bring your camera
Bring at least one friend, to take pictures with. Better to go with a group!
Bring socks and a jacket
There is a restaurant
Free parking on site
More tips? Please read the comments below!

Info Art In Island

Open: Tuesdays to Sundays, 9.30AM to 9.30PM (also open on Mondays during holidays)
Address: 175, 15th avenue, barangay Soccoro, Cubao, Quezon City
Ticket: P500 per adult, P400 student, free for children below 3 feet 
Phone: (2)421 1356

Published on : 26/02/2018 by Puerto Parrot

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