Balay Daguinot: An Incredible House Made of Wood

La Castellana, named after the “Paseo de La Castellana" of Madrid Spain, is a first class municipality in Negros Occidental. The agricultural town is located at the base of Kanlaon Volcano and is famous for its annual festival, Bailes de Luces, and for its scenic spots.

One of the unfamiliar spots worth visiting is a house called “Balay Daguinot.” Surrounding the area are banana trees which grow abundantly in the town, and the reason why they celebrate the Banana Festival every first week of April.

Balay Daguinot is not an ordinary and typical house. What’s unique about it? Everything you see, the house and the furnishing, about 90% of it are made of wood.

the one holding the brass pot is made of wood

Thinking of how many trees were cut? None! The wood used came from another wooden product that was cut, shaped and painted to create something new and beautiful. That is why it’s called “daguinot” because it refers to the recycled materials, and “balay” is a local term for house.

a wooden divider inside the house

From the floor to the walls and even up to the ceiling giving, it gives a distinctive feel.

just one of the unique decorative ceilings

The ceiling was made from a broken fixture that was found in the house. It was removed and was intricately crafted into another piece of decoration which you’ll see now. The type of wood used is of high quality which is why it’s not infested with termites and will not easily rot.

wooden cups

The house offers a different feeling of coolness or freshness.

You’ll find a spiral stairs and its main support is made of Santol tree.

Upstairs is where the library room of the owner. Aside from the recycled materials, you’ll find artifacts coming from Mindanao and abroad. There’s also a magnificent view of the Kanlaon Volcano while you take your coffee or tea.

Balay Daguinot is a perfect reminder that the things we thought we could no longer use can be turned into a jewel. 

So when you're in La Castellana, visit this place to personally experience its beauty and get closer to nature.

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How to Get There

From Manila, you can fly to Bacolod (Php2500++, round trip, 45 minutes). From Bacolod-Silay Airport, you can take a shuttle (PhP 75-100 per head), or a cab (minimum of PhP 400) and ask to be dropped off at your destination.

From Bacolod, ride a bus at the south terminal going to La Castellana (1.5 hours).