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where to stay in morong bataan
In the past year, Bataan became more familiar to me, and it has surprised me more than I can count. For instance, during the Pawikan Festival last November, I was amazed at how nice our accommodation was. I knew we were going to stay at a beach resort and I immediately thought “ok, nipa huts”. But when we arrived at White Corals Beach Resort, there was definitely more to it than nipa huts.
With the mountain ranges of Morong, and the West Philippine Sea for its borders, White Corals is a 91-room beach resort that’s neither shabby nor fancy. It’s not too developed as to diminish the natural landscape. And it most certainly isn’t “basic”. With white buildings and sleek architecture, the place gives off an elegant vibe. Everything seemed well thought-out, from the sign in front to the pair of swimming pools.
white corals bataan
It’s not the only resort in the area, as one would expect, but its location is a little less "party vibe" and more "serene and relaxation". It is very near the town proper, though, as well as some interesting spots and food places. The Pawikan Conservation Center is also just a 20-minute run from here (I know ‘coz I totally went on a morning run); quicker if you’ve got a ride obviously.
I, my husband Dennis, Mujee, and Allandale, were billeted in a room at the building known as Tatay. It had two double beds, air-conditioning, a private toilet, a mini ref, and cable TV. It wasn’t too big, but there was enough room for the four of us to go about our businesses. My only concern with the room is that it had no windows. If you’ve been here long enough, you’ll know that this is a big issue for me. I want to know if it’s morning already, ok. I want me some daylight. But, aside from this, everything was good. 
white corals bataan
white corals bataan
where to stay in morong bataan
White Corals also have rooms with single beds, as well as one with three beds. There’s also an eight-double-deck dormitory, and a villa with kitchen facilities that can accommodate up to nine persons – perfect for the family or barkada!
Check out the latest room rates and promos here. 
Aside from the overnight accommodations, there are also pavilions and cabanas near the pools. Speaking of pools, there are two – a saltwater, and a freshwater one. There’s also a pair of billiard tables, and an in-house restaurant called Fernando's. Wi-fi’s pretty decent, too!
best beach resorts in bataan
where to stay in bataan
There’s also a basketball court near the entrance. And the shore is beach volleyball-ready. Plus, there’s also a kid's playground set up in the vast yard. A karaoke machine is also available.
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We didn’t really get to interact with the staff that much because we spend most of our time going around town. But I love the people over at the restaurant. They were always cheerful and patient with us. They even remembered not to put any straws in all the drinks I ordered!

If you’re looking to spend some time by the sea in comfort, White Corals Beach Resort is the place to be. It’s good for a quick barkada getaway or a family outing. I would even consider staying there when I need to retreat from the city. Aaaaand, it’s the best headquarters for the Pawikan Festival!

White Corals Beach Resort and Hotel
Sitio Panibatuhan, Poblacion, Morong, Bataan
+63 2 514 8244, +63 917 840 2648, +63 939 916 4399; +63 925 554 5957

Published on : 31/01/2018 by Papagei

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