Dalutan Island viewed from Talahid

Biliran is an island province of Eastern Visayas on the western side of the region. It is bounded on the south by Caragara Bay, Samar Sea on the east, North by the Visayas Sea and the strait of Biliran on the West. The province boasts of many smaller islands and islets, beautiful and pristine white sand beaches and waterfalls.


Naval is the capital town of the province.


There are two spoken dialects in the island; Waray which is spoken on the east side facing Samar and Cebuano which is spoken on the west side facing Cebu. Cebuano is dominant in the capital town of Naval.

By air

There is no airport on Biliran, so the jump off point to Naval by air is through Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport in Tacloban City. It is served by major carriers such as Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines and Zest Air. There are about 9 regular flights between Manila and Tacloban City. From the airport, travelers shuttles to Tacloban City Bus Terminal to get the ride going to the capital town of Naval. Aircon shuttle vans and ordinary fare buses are available.

Travelers can also connect through Mactan-Cebu International Airport in Cebu and connect by ferry ride to Ormoc City where aircon shuttle vans connect the trip to Naval.

By bus and vans

Aircon Shuttle Vans/Buses serve the Naval - Tacloban City and Naval - Ormoc City routes and the journey takes around two hours and costs P150-190. The first trip is at 4am and the last trip is at 7pm but double-check with Duptours, the major operating company with the most frequent schedule.

There are also vans from Tacloban to Caibiran.

Naval - Manila route is served by several major bus lines.

By boat

Provide direct voyage from Naval to Cebu City. Ordinary fare, tourist and cabin accommodations are available. Shipping Schedule

  • MV Super Shuttle Ferry 5 +6353 500 9942 , Cebu to Naval: Monday and Wednesday at 8:00 PM, return Tuesday and Thursday at 8PM. Fare/Person: Economy: 450 PHP, Tourist: 550 PHP

Get around

Naval - Caibiran There are several buses that make the cross-country trip from Naval to the Eastern coastal town of Caibiran, taking over 1.5-2 hours, one way (P50). From Caibiran, usually three or four buses depart daily for Naval (except Sundays) around 3.30am, 4am, 5am. Sundays there is only one bus around 4am.

Naval - Biliran - Cabucgayan There are buses roughly every hour plying the route along the coast from Naval until Bunga.

Naval - Almeria - Kawayan There are infrequent buses between Naval and Kawayan.

Naval - Culaba There are infrequent buses between Naval and Culaba.

The habal-habal (motorcycle) is the most common mode of transportation as most of the roads outside the main highway are rough and rougher but things are improving with construction works around the island. Haggle with the driver to get the best possible rates or hire on a per-day basis. Example rates include (as of February 2013):

Caibiran - Culaba P150-200

Naval - Caibiran P250

Naval - Almeria P50


Casiawan Falls
Tinago Falls


Access from Naval:

  • Higatangan Island
  • Maripipi Island

Access from Talahid (Almeria):

  • Dalutan Island

Access from Almeria:

  • Capiñahan Island


  • Sambawan Island


In the Cabucgayan area:

  • Casiawan Falls (read: Cashiaa-wan) near Casiawan village
  • Kasabangan Falls (P10 entrance) in Brgy. Balaquid (read: Balaa-quid)

These two waterfalls are a short distance uphill from the main road and a jabal-jabal (motorcycle) is P20 one-way, making them easily accessible by public transport.

In the Caibiran area:

  • Tinago Falls

Motorcycle to the falls from Caibiran town is P25 one-way.


  • Busai Falls
  • Kinaraha Cascades


In the Caibiran area:

  • Mainit (read: Ma-init, meaning "hot") in Brgy. Villa Vicenta


In the Almeria area:

Agta Scuba Resort - Talahid, Almeria Biliran

In the Naval area:

Biliran Garden Resort - Villa Cecilia, Sitio Lomboy, Brgy. Calumpang, Naval, Biliran

Marvin’s Seaside Inn - Brgy. Atipolo, Naval, Biliran

Higatangan Island Beach Resort - Higatangan Island, Naval, Biliran

In the Biliran area:

M and M Inn - Biliran, Biliran

In the Caibiran area:

Fellas - Caibiran, Biliran (P200/night in fan room; P400/night in AC room)


  • ATM There are Landbank and PNB atms in naval proper but bring enough cash as a precaution.

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