Dugoy Festival

Dugoy Festival


DUGOY FESTIVAL. A festival in Occidental Mindoro celebrated every January 18. Photo grabbed from ragarabeach.org

Dugoy Festival is celebrated every January 18 in the town of Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro. This festival features the Mangyan tribe and its rich cultural heritage that is to be admired by many people who visit the place during festivities.

Dugoy Festival, just like any other festival, celebrates with a number of performances such as street dances, exhibits, cultural shows, and other forms of merriment. This festival is a great avenue for the townspeople to showcase their talents through performing.

The festival is also a platform so that people in Sablayan can let the people know of the different ethno-cultural groups present in the festivity. The revelry, although it is about the harmonious relationship of cultural groups, also instill a modern nature which adds life to the celebration. The music used in the festival is usually done through using indigenous musical instruments, but it also makes use of modern songs. The costumes that the participants use are also made more colorful so as to relate to the celebration.

The main goal of this Dugoy Festival is to uplift the camaraderie of Sablayeños through promoting their culture in their very own festival. Also, they want to celebrate the “Dugoy spirit” that remains to be rich and full of hope hence, the success of their annual festival. This festival is also a great way to boost their tourism, aside from relying on their natural tourist destinations.

So if you’re a history buff and you want to learn more about the culture of Mangyans, see what Dugoy Festival has to offer and be amazed with this wonderful revelry.

Published on : 23/02/2018 by Puerto Parrot

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