Faces of Mindanao

Faces of Mindanao

A young girl from Mindanao.

A young girl from Mindanao.

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A young girl from Mindanao.
Old Mindanaoan woman, eating rice.
Man from the T'boli tribe in Southern Mindanao.
Mindanao, portrait from a girl in Yellow.

The Mindanaoans are independence-loving and peaceful people with a rich cultural past deeply embedded in their present way of living. They are proud of their heritage and of their ways. They will never forget where they came from. Mindanaoans have endured many tragedies throughout history, but always stood firm and strong.

Inhabitants from Mindanao will bend, but never break against the many adversities of life and nature  They have the resiliency of bamboo and the durability of a narra tree. This strength is shown in their endurance, despite difficult times and hardship.

People from Mindanao will go along with the forces of politics and nature, they will cope with "fate" rather than fights against it. Although the Mindanaoan is trusting, they will stand up for their own beliefs and will never tolerate oppression and betrayal. Mindanaoans are brave people and proud of their ancestry. They have courage, daring optimism, inner peace as well as the capacity to accept tragedy and death, an innate sense of unity, a hard-working spirit and a common love for peace and tolerance.

The Mindanao identity and spirit is strong and alive, this is evident in the attitudes, traits, traditions and passions of a community with a unique and diverse culture. Mindanaoans like to share their love of life that is shown by their wonderful smiles and unique sense of humour; they can make jokes about their good and bad fortune and will laugh at their own mistakes.

Mindanaoans can be described as some of the warmest, spontaneous, informal and most friendly people in the world, with an unassuming and modest nature they are generally known for their genuine hospitality, immense kindness and spirit of generosity that is extended in whatever way possible.

Devotion to family ties is one of the enduring and praiseworthy values, close family ties is a unique nature in any Mindanao family, and it is what holds these families together. Faithfulness to the family is a tradition that is characteristic of the Mindanao society, the family is the cornerstone of society and everything revolves around that, from social and economic activities to religion.

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