Forgive Us Our Signs 11

Forgive Us Our Signs 11


If you have photos of funny signs in the Philippines, Filipino businesses in other countries, Internet memes or Pinoy puns, please send them to us so we can post them with your byline. Just make sure your photo submissions are in JPEG format, no less than 600px wide and properly framed so that the sign is legible. Send with your name and Twitter handle with the Subject: Funny Signs to submissions[at]

What's Up Duck? (Source: Ealdama)

What's Up Duck? (Source: Ealdama)

Bawal Umupo Dito (Source: Ealdama)

Bawal Umupo Dito (Source: Ealdama)

Magna Cum Laundry (Source: Rivera)

Magna Cum Laundry (Source: Rivera)

Ensay Mother (Source:

Ensay Mother (Source:

Found Cake (Source: Rivera)

Found Cake (Source: Rivera)

Beking Soda (Source: Rivera)

Beking Soda (Source: Rivera)

Bay Wash (Source: RIvera)

Bay Wash (Source: RIvera)

Abogado (Source: Michael Garcia Celmar)

Abogado (Source: Michael Garcia Celmar)

Please Full In Line (Source: Filipino)

Please Full In Line (Source: Filipino)

Published on : 21/08/2018 by Puerto Parrot

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