From Davao Oriental’s Sea: Steamed and Baked Lobster

Davao Oriental in Mindanao is 5,680 square kilometers of mountains, plains, and 513.2 kilometers of coastline.  This accounts for the rich aquamarine resource of the province.

Fish, crabs and prawns are abundant and are cheaper compared to the other provinces. Davao Oriental is abundant with lobsters which are low in fat and high in protein

One popular dish that is served is the steamed lobster with butter, garlic, and cheese. 

Here’s how to cook it:


1 kilo lobsters (small)


garlic minced and chopped finely

grated cheese


Steam lobsters until it slightly turns orange.Remove lobsters then split in half, lengthwise.Brush with butter.  Sprinkle with garlic and cheese.Arrange in a pan then bake.

Remember not to overcook the lobsters. Enjoy!