From Street Children to Talented Artists: Filipino Youth Paint for Peace

It’s easy to forget the meaning of peace when all you see in the news are calamities, terrorism, and threats of war. We get so used to violence that we brush it off as part of our everyday, not once stepping back and asking ourselves how we can make it better.

Well, the kids from NGO Foundations Bridge Builder, SNN, Laura Vicuña, ERDA, TOPS, and Alouette are showing us that peace can still exist, and that we all have a stake in making it happen. Bridge Builder Foundation recently held a Peace Painting event in their headquarters along Roxas Blvd. with the goal of encouraging kids of different ages to paint their ideas of peace. These pieces of art would then be showcased in other Peace Painting exhibits around the world.

This event continues to be hosted by Bridge Builder Foundation as a means of channeling a child’s innate creativity in a way that is beneficial to both him or her and the environment that supports that child.

The numerous foundations part of this event are all NGOs with the mission of helping children get off the streets and into better, safer, and more productive roles in society. Bridge Builder Foundation, specifically, was established in Norway but has field offices around the globe. It has been in operation since 2009 and has been reaching out to abandoned, orphaned, and abused children, offering shelter and care.

If you want to donate, volunteer, or help in any way to Bridge Builder Foundation or any of its affiliates, you can reach them via 0906 2600 797