The Kansilay Festival was just one of the many highlights of Silay City’s 59th Charter Anniversary. The weeklong celebration was held last June 6 and lasted until June 12, 2017.

Sixteen barangays of Silay joined the dance-drama presentation based on the legend of Silay. The story is about how the thriving community of Silay was founded and the heroism of Princess Kansilay, and her love story with Lawaan. It follows a storyline complete with characters, conflict, climax, and setting just like in movies or plays.

The main characters were:

  • Kansilay – a village princess
  • Lawaan – lover of Kansilay
  • Bubog – chieftain and father of Kansilay
  • Lunok – villain and leader of the bandits
  • Diwata – fairy of the flowers
  • Kamangyan – babaylan in the village

“Hugyaw Silay! Hugyaw kay Kansilay!” is the battle cry of Silaynons. It is their chant that shows how proud they are of their heritage.

Kansilay Festival Winners 2017

Street and Arena Dance Competition

  • Fourth Runner-up: Barangay Uno
  • Third Runner-up: E. Lopez
  • Second Runner-up: Mabulac
  • First Runner-up: Barangay Hawaiian
  • Champion: Barangay Cinco

Special Awardees

  • Barangay Cinco – Best in Street Dance, Best in Choreography, Best Kansilay, Best Diwata and Best Lawaan
  • E. Lopez – Best in Costume and Best Lunok Best in Costume and Best Lunok
  • Barangay Uno – Best Headdress and Best Banner

Aside from the street and arena dance competition which was one of the highlights of the festivities, there was also a grand parade that featured the different floats of Lin-ay and Lakan sang Silay 2017 winners, Miss Gay Philippines Universe 2017 and offices of the Silay City Government.

Let’s proudly shout: Hugyaw Silay!