Learn to Love Urban Gardening with Plant Buddy Philippines

Some of the plants that were delivered by Plant Buddy PH to their new homes. | Contributed photo.

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Running out of new things to try while locked up due to this health crisis?

How about trying urban gardening?

If you aren’t very comfortable about it yet, there are those who can help, such as this group from Cebu City who call themselves Plant Buddy PH.

This group encourages people to try gardening inside their homes with plants that can help them relax during the day and night. They can also help give life to a simple space inside our house.

Plant Buddy PH is a group of plant enthusiasts and urban gardening starters. In time, they turned into a plant shop and consulting page for plants, pots, soil and gardening tools.

The group was founded by Ramon Matthew Reyes Basabe.

“Plant Buddy has been our community endearment or what we call each other since 2018. Anyone who likes plants and/or who’s been collecting them we call our ‘Plant Buddy.’ This year’s ECQ has changed that. When I was in lockdown and was completely unable to do my usual routine, I became depressed and plants were the only refuge I had. Posted them online and since then ‘plant buddies’ have always asked me for advice and tips,” said Basabe.

Life saver

Basabe, who has been a plant and gardening enthusiast for years, said that while under quarantine, plants played a significant role in his life. Now, he  wants to share it with others as well.

“It’s been years now since I started gardening and collecting plants. Gardening saved me when I was at my lowest and when I thought there was no more point of living,” he said.

Plant Buddy PH  has become an avenue for plant and gardening enthusiasts like him to share and widen their knowledge about gardening and plants.

“This initiative is not just a hobby nor a means to make a living. This is my way of giving back, an ode to the universe for pulling me back up,” he added.

Now, Plant Buddy PH has been a platform for plant enthusiasts to ask more questions, to seek advice, and to also buy the plants or seeds that they can grow in the comforts of your home.

Those who need advice or are looking for some gardening stuff can visit their

Published on : 22/06/2020 by Puerto Parrot

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