Mama Leah's Drummettes

Mama Leah's Drummettes

Chef Johneric Concordia

Mama Leah's Wing Drummettes 

Mama Leah's Wing Drummettes 

Mom would take a drummette, season it with salt & pepper, slice the narrow end clean, and proceed to pull the chicken meat to create a lollipop chicken wing.

Then she hit it with seasoned flour, shake, fry,  followed by a drizzle with sweet soy candy sauce.

After all that work, she would place a batch on the table, turn around to grab some water, and see those meat head boys of hers annihilate her lollipop per bite.

She couldn't stand them for not appreciating the bomb by taking their time, so she makes them non-lollipop drummettes from that moment on.

We salute all the Mamas who made chicken drummettes for their ungrateful kids.

We fry this version for 10 minutes for crispy, then bake at 200 degrees for 30 to get it tender.


5 lbs chicken drummettes (approximately 20 pieces)4 oz pink Himalayan salt4 oz fresh ground pepper black4 oz fresh ground pepper white1 oz red chili flakes1 cup olive oil4 oz garlic powder 4 oz onion powder 4 cups all purpose flour1 cup soy sauce1 cup brown sugar1 cup powder sugar

Letting the knife do the work, hold the thick end of the drummette and cut the muscle joint at the opposite end.

Once cleared to the bone, repeat steps and place on flat surface to be seasoned.

Drizzle chicken with olive oil and proceed to layer chicken with

1 oz pink Himalayan salt1 oz fresh ground pepper black1 oz fresh ground pepper white1 oz red chili flakes1 oz garlic powder 1 oz onion powder

Proceed to pull separated tissue toward thick joint till it pops into a lollipop shape.

Repeat seasoning step.

Stir remaining dry seasoning with 4 cups of flour and lightly bread drummettes.

Deep fry for 7-10 minutes till beautiful golden brown, drain, and tray in baking pan to oven bake for additional 20 minutes at 225 degrees.

Make candy soy with 

1 1/2 cup hot water1 cup soy sauce1 cup brown sugar1/2 cup powder sugar

Mix wet with dry and whisk till sugar is dissolved.

Drizzle on chicken drummettes.

Published on : 14/03/2018 by Puerto Parrot

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