Modern Day Miracle: A Visit to the Marian Hills

In 1996, a group of Penitent Monks developed a barren and abandoned hills in the mountain of Simala, Sibonga; around 70 kilometers south of Cebu City. These monks have centered their lives into the devotion to Jesus and Mother Mary through prayers, deep sacrifices and manual labor. 


In 2006 through donations of material supports from generous donors and sponsors, the Sanctuary Castle for Mother Mary was built. 


This Sanctuary castle that looks more like a theme park out of Disney was centered through a church for Mother Mary. It has a mausoleum that houses every known miraculous statues of mother Mary.

Not long after its construction it has become a center of pilgrims for people asking for Mother Mary’s help and prayers for various reasons, some for miracles to cure their illnesses up to simple prayers for passing their exams.

Thousands of people come here every year to have a glimpse of the statue of the Virgin Mother and to ask for a little miracle for their lives. In return they have come back and given their thank you notes of which you can see upon entering the halls of the Castle. Here you can see thousands of thankful letters of success and saying that their illnesses had been cured.

Since then, these Marian monks have extended their reach not just through the walls of this Castle but up to the poor religious communities helping poor kids go to school.

In these modern days, it is amazing that people would still look up above and ask for miracles. Even with the advancement in technology and scientific breakthroughs we still take our time to light up a candle close our eyes and simply say a simple prayer. We are hoping for a simple miracle. Through the contrast of what is going on in our lives, even if we are rich or poor, still there is one thing in common…………..We still Believe.