Ocean View Park & International Doll House of Bislig, Surigao Del Sur

Ocean View Park & International Doll House of Bislig

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After our visit at the "Little Niagara Falls" of the Philippines, read full story here, me and my friend Baron were in a hurry to head back to the city of Bislig. The reasons are: first, its getting dark and we still don't have a hotel to stay in. Second, we heard that there is another must see place here in Bislig and it closes at 7 in the evening.

So, after we found a place to stay-in for our 2nd night in this Surigao del Sur trip, we immediately got back on the road to visit the famous restaurant and doll house located in Barangay Cumawas, Bislig City - the International Doll House & Ocean View Park Restaurant.Yup, you read it right. We are heading to a Doll House. The International Doll House & Ocean View Park (OVP) Restaurant is owned by a couple who resides in Zurich, Switzerland - Mrs. Ruelaine and Mr. Werner Willimann.

The restaurant and doll house are situated on a hill top. Therefore, one needs to climb up first for about 250++ steps before reaching these structures. It may sound tiring, but the view that this place can offer, as well as the food of the restaurant, and the intriguing doll house will definitely swept away all your sweats. And I guarantee that.Well, we actually ran going to the top because it was quarter to 7pm when we reached OVP.

Honestly speaking, the whole place was dark when we got in and they're already closed. However, the owner saw us still catching our breath due to our run on that hundred steps and told us that they will still take our orders and they can re-open the doll house for us. Thank God because luck was on our side that day and the couple was in the Philippines during our visit. From that moment, I know that these people has a heart to their customers and really value them (which includes us).

The International Doll House

Cutie Patutie dolls :] (Photo from Byron Cantonjos)

We first visited the International Doll House. One should prepare 20 pesos for the entrance fee and before entering, footwear should be left at the veranda and in-front of the Doll House. Footwear are not allowed inside to minimize the dirt getting in.

The place is fully air-conditioned and it just got to show that Mrs. Willimann really takes good care for her collection.As we enter the first room of the International Doll House, I noticed that there were no dolls occupying the area.

It was just a spacious room and a huge wallpaper with an image of an indoor garden. Our tour guide whose also part of the family who owns of the place, started to borrow our camera, directed us to some poses and started to take photos of us with the wallpaper.

I was amazed when I got to see the output of our photo. That big wallpaper on that room is a 3D-wallpaper. With a good direction and pose, this wallpaper can be converted into a real life garden. Just refer on the photos below to see how amazing this 3D-wallpaper is. The 3D-wallpaper was previously owned by Universal Studios and bought by the couple in an auction.

Coolness overload! 3-D Wallpaper (Photo from Byron Cantonjos)

At first, I am not really excited to see this part of the trip. Dolls were really not my interest and I thought that toys from this house are just ordinary collection of dolls. But I was wrong... because as I enter to the main room of the doll house and as our tour guide narrated some of the stories of Mrs. Willimann's dolls, I become a fan of this place and amused at the same time.

This place housed hundreds of dolls and were collected from different side of the globe. Dolls range from Babushka to Barbie to a very rare and expensive dolls. Most of the dolls in this place are one of a kind and grand. And we're talking here ten thousands to hundred thousands worth of doll.

Just a part of the whole collection...

Look how amused I am here (Photo from Byron Cantonjos)

Another reason of my amusement is that there are also dolls in the International Doll House in which the hair attached to it came from celebrities and well-known personalities such as a daughter of a prime minister, Marilyn Monroe, and the king of pop - Michael Jackson. Amazing huh?

Can you guess whose hair were attached to this dolls? (Left Photo from Byron Cantonjos)

Philippines represent!

On the other hand, Mr. Werner Willimann is starting to build his own collection. I wonder how this house will looks like after sometime. 

My father will surely like these (Photo from Byron Cantonjos)

I wonder how much are these. I forgot to ask them (Photo from Byron Cantonjos)

Wow! Hope Mr. Werner continue to collect this (Photo from Byron Cantonjos)

The Ocean View Park

Mr. Werner in action (Photo from Byron Cantonjos)

After our tour in the International Doll House, then we proceed to the dinning part of the Ocean View Park which is just a few steps away. The place is a popular restaurant in Bislig and I heard a lot of good points why local and foreign tourists should dine here.

And I'll say that they were all right!The Place. Ocean View Park restaurant is clean, well organized, spacious and has a cozy ambiance. I find it as a perfect place for family bonding, friends get together and socialize.But what makes Ocean View Park restaurant stands out from other restaurant in Surigao del Sur is that, this place is elevated and on its view deck, an overlooking view of the city and the Pacific Ocean awaits to its visitors.

Clean, cozy and a nice background music (Photo from Byron Cantonjos)

Affordable. As we take a look on their menu, I couldn't believe how affordable they sell their food despite of their popularity. For less than 50 pesos, one can enjoy burger with drinks. In general, food here ranges from 50 pesos to 150 pesos. Which is not bad at all.

Don't be fooled by the size just by looking on the menu :] They serve in big servings! (Photo from Byron Cantonjos)

Servings. Never ever, ever, ever judge their servings by its price. Not because it's budget friendly it also means they serve it in small quantity/size. This is never the case in Ocean View Park Restaurant! I ordered Schnitzel (with fries) which is the "menu of the month" that time.

I underestimate its look which I based on the photo on the menu, so I ordered an extra rice and an ala carte French Fries. As my orders were served in our table, I know that I am in trouble. Trouble in terms on how can I manage to eat and finish all that. My Schnitzel was two big slices of meat. One of each was almost as big as my foot! Plus, Baron shares me half of his burger. So my dinner that night was carbs on carbs on carbs on carbs on carbs!

Have you tried Curry Spaghetti? (Photo from Byron Cantonjos)

Schnitzel is a flour-covered boneless meat that is thinned with hammer (Photo from Byron Cantonjos)

Yum!!!! (Photo from Byron Cantonjos)

The Verdict. Ocean View Park restaurant really serve delicious foods. It's the main factor why people recommend this to tourists. It's really a must try and should not be missed out. I ordered Schnitzel with Fries, an extra rice, ala carte Fries (again).

On the otherhand, Baron ordered Curry Spaghetti with Schnitzel, and fish burger. We also ordered 2 Halo-Halo as our dessert. Plus, Mrs. Ruelaine gave us watermelons and its free of charge (thank you po). Going back, and with all those food that I mentioned, we did not regret any single of it. It was 4 thumbs up from me and Baron! We came back to our hotel with a full and happy tummies.

I'd like to thank all the staff of OVP for the great experience. Thank you for reopening your place to accommodate us!

Published on : 27/01/2018 by Puerto Parrot

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