Pamela Gotangco's Art in Waiting

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Pamela Gotangco’s Art In Waiting

Serina Aidasani

Pamela Gotangco (Photo courtesy of Pamela Gotangco)

Pamela Gotangco (Photo courtesy of Pamela Gotangco)

In a world where certainty and access to information is immediate, the virtue of patience should be held to an even higher regard. The capacity to be able to take things deliberately and wait things out can be admirable. Switzerland-based Filipino artist Pamela Gotangco knows this all too well. She may have known her passion for the arts at a young age, but she only fully capitalized on it fairly recently, using life experiences as her primary motivator.

Gotangco calls it the “many lives that she was fortunate to experience.”  She did not start out as a professional artist, assuming many career roles initially.  “I was flight attendant, in-flight service trainer and a flight purser. Through that, I traveled the world, and my exposure to a variety of cultures made me who I am today,” she explains. She even dabbled in technology, working as a product manager for Asia Pacific at an information-technology company during the digital boom in the Philippines. 

Eventually, her calling as an artist could no longer be denied.  She largely credits her husband, Matthias Hupp, with encouraging her to hone her creative skills. “He had put my life in order, and my heart found where it should be,” she recalls emotionally. Gotangco went on to receive numerous global accolades as an artist. But in the midst of all these, she remains conscious of her beginnings. 

Published on : 13/03/2018 by Puerto Parrot

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