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 Almond Jelly With Lychees
This was a favorite recipe of my late mother-in-law Remedios Pineda Quirino. I still have her handwritten recipe, and we remember Mama fondly whenever I make this sweet almond treat during the holidays.  

 Avocado Sorbets
We used our local avocados in this recipe. We suggest that you do this during the Avocado season so you can select the best varieties and at the same time getting them at a cheaper price. Avocado Sorbetes is rich, smooth, creamy, and ever so tasty, perfect for any occasion.

What is Christmas without the classic Filipino Bibingka rice cake? No matter where we live in the world, Filipinos will always try to recreate family memories by whipping up all-time holiday favorites. Traveling chef Yana Gilbuena of the Salo Series visited me at my New Jersey home and baked this amazingly easy Filipino rice cake made with coconut, butter, and cheese. It is superb served for breakfast, snacks, or dessert. 

 Bibingka Cakes With Lambanog-Lemongrass Syrup And Coconut Cream
My inspiration for this dessert is the French Baba au Rhum, a delicious and decadent cake soaked in rum syrup! I’ve often wondered if I could turn our familiar, equally delicious bibingka into something similar. And here it is!

 Black Sambo
Black Sambo is a dessert that everyone likes! It's affordable and easy to prepare during special occasions.

 Brazo De Mercedes (Creme-Filled Log Cake)
Recipe by Chef Jing Palasigue of Cakes ‘n Crumbs

 Calamansi-Lemon Muffins
I was told there are calamansi muffins much sought after at a café-restaurant in Boracay, a favorite beach destination in the Philippines. Many have written to ask me if I knew the secret recipe. I heard that customers line up in the morning for these calamansi muffins, place their order and then come back for them in the afternoon. Or if one is late, those famous muffins are sold out. I can understand the longing for a delicious treat.

 Canonigo (Floating Meringue)
The caramel-coated canonigo, with its towering meringue, is beautiful and almost weightless when cut. Richly flavored by caramel and mustard sauce, it is the Spanish equivalent of the French Ile Flottante (“floating island”), a mound of light meringue floating in a vanilla custard sea.

 Cantaloupe Strings-Calamansi Dessert Drink
As the scorching summer days descend on us, you can't go wrong with this refreshing Cantaloupe Strings -Calamansi dessert drink. This is a classic Filipino beverage. It’s a refreshing drink of melon strings, sweet melon juice flavored with calamansi, the Filipino lime and  honey. It's a light, easy-to-do beverage or snack. Perfect for summer days or any time of the year. This is an Asian in America recipe. Serves 2

 Cassava Cake
Cassava is the starchy, tuberous root of a tropical tree used as food in Asia and South America. In the Philippines, I prepared this with cassava grated by hand. Now that I live in the States, I buy frozen grated cassava in packs. This was a simple mix-stir-bake dessert. After baking for nearly an hour, I added the topping, my favorite part which makes the cake sticky- sweet and gooey.

 Cassava Cake Recipe
Cassava Cake is made of freshly grated cassava, eggs, coconut milk, and sugar. It is baked in round tin molds or the regular rectangular cake pan.

 Cathedral Windows Gelatin
The Cathedral Windows Gelatin dessert was probably named for its colorful gelatin cubes that resemble the mosaic windows of a church. During the holidays, the colorful gelatin cubes of bright red and green make this gelatin treat a bright addition to the table. This is a favorite dessert of our family—my sons love the luscious creaminess of white gelatin encasing those vivid cubes. I like that it needs no baking and can be prepared in advance. This version was inspired by a family recipe from my college classmate Popi Gutay. 

 Churros Con Tsokolate
The Filipino snack favorite ‘Churros con Tsokolate’ is a crisp flour-based fritter, slathered with sugar, then dunked deep in a cup of Filipino chocolate made from the ‘tablea’, cacao filled solid tablets of chocolate.