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 Adobong Okra
Okra -- that slimy, finger-like vegetable that no one really likes -- has captured the attention of health gurus as a natural way to detoxify. Since it's Lent and Filipinos are upping their vegetable (and fish) intake, here's a recipe from the original culinary diva of the Philippines, the late Nora Daza.

 Alupe Or Cassava Suman
Alupe or alupi is a cassava-based kakanin that is well loved by Filipinos most especially by Ilonggos. This native delicacy is usually prepared for snacks and can be found in most parts of Western Visayas.

The humble banana-cue is usually skewered whole and sold on busy street corners, and at schools as a snack. Here, it is given a bit of finesse.

 Bangus Shanghai (Milk Fish Egg Roll)
Lumpiang Shanghai is a popular food fare in the Philippines. It is basically a tiny egg roll stuffed with ground meat, usually pork or chicken. It is commonly served as an appetizer (but also as a side dish) at family and community gatherings.

 Barquillos: A Spanish-Inspired Ilonggo Snack
Barquillos is an all-time Filipino favorite crunchy wafer roll. A Spanish invention, the crunchy rolled stick has many different versions around the world. However, locally, the Spanish-inspired snack has been a well-loved pasalubong by Filipinos.

 Budbud Kabug
The recipe can make an estimated of 100 servings of budbud kabug (or budbud kabog). Total preparation and cooking time is 3 hours.

Cabalen Maki
Cabalen" is the kapampangan equivalent of "kabayan" — a term of affection for those who share your homeland. Both words become especially meaningful when you're living in one of the thinnest-spread corners of the Filipino diaspora, like chef and recipe contributor Raquel Landayan. Born in Lubao, Pampanga, she has spent most of the last 13 years in Reykjavík, Iceland, where she works as a sushi chef at the Hilton Hotel and spends her free time running an underground Filipino catering company with her husband. She invented this fusion dish at her day job and hopes to serve it at the restaurant she dreams of opening.-Jennifer Fergesen

 Cassava Suman
This treat consists of grated coconut and cassava wrapped in banana leaves, and is sweet, chewy, and often brown in color. It's one of the older Filipino desserts or snacks.

 Cebuano's Binignit
Binignit is a warm root crop and fruit stew consisting of a thick mixture of tubers such as taro, purple yam, sweet potato, as well as bananas, jackfruit, sago, tapioca pearls and sugar, cooked in coconut milk and thickened with milled glutinous rice.

 Cheese-Filled Banana Delight
Bananas are very abundant in the Philippines and are available all year round. It is also one of the most commonly grown fruit crops in the country.

 Cheesy Potato Balls
Make your day extra special by making and serving this delicious potato balls. This is a perfect recess time snack for your kids.

 Chewy Butterscotch Bars
These rich butterscotch bars have many variations you just have to pick out the good one, for this recipe we are making the easiest and the quickest way of cooking this well-loved dessert. The cooking procedures are very simple, this is perfect to prepare for potlucks or even short notice get together parties.

 Chicken Empanada
Empanada is a stuffed pastry that is either fried or baked. Can be served hot or cold, this pastry is popular in some parts of Southeast Asia, Europe and Latin America.

 Coconut Shrimps With Mango Salsa
If you don’t want to spend hours by the stove, make this easy, quick-cooking Coconut Shrimp with Mango Salsa for a weekend meal or any weeknight. This delightful shrimp dish is light, refreshing and can be a savory appetizer or a meal in itself. The coconut tendrils transform to a crunchy coating on the shrimps once pan-fried.

 Crispy-Fried, Salted Egg Fish Skin
It’s become a craze in the Philippines. Not only do those visiting Singapore bring back packets and packets of this delicacy, but franchise stalls are now springing up in Metro Manila malls.