Sky Experience Adventure at Crown Regency Hotel of Cebu City

Sky Experience Adventure at Crown Regency Hotel of Cebu City

AUTHOR: Geejay Gelogo || DATE: Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Do you really want to test if you have Acrophobia or fear of heights? Then Cebu is the place to visit and try the Sky Experience Adventure that Crown Regency Hotel offers.
Be ready for a thrilling experience in the 37th floor of Cebu's tallest building - The Sky Walk Extreme. This heart pumping activity will let you (and your group) walk on the outer-rim of the building which let you see an amazing 360 degrees view of the city. Sounds cool huh?
I came at Cebu with my college buddies and our Sky Adventure starts as we reached Crown Regency Hotel. This building isn't hard to locate because of its height and its popularity. So as you arrive the city of Cebu, never hesitate to ask for directions just like what we did. =]
We were directed to go at the 19th floor of the building for the registration. Prepare 550 pesos (per head) for this activity. The front desk  will also ask for another 100 pesos (per group) which will serve as a deposit fee for the electronic watch -- this watch will serve as your ticket going in the activity ground, a techie thing. Don't worry the 100 pesos will be given back to you once you return the electronic watch at the end of your experience.
The adventure begins on this floor
After the registration, our group took an elevator going to the 37th floor of the hotel and we were given keys for our lockers. Note: All things should be put in the locker including your slippers, jewelries (including earrings) and gadgets (including cameras). Rubber shoes are allowed inside. If you don't have one, they can lend you except for the socks. You need to buy them for 20 pesos. We were also asked to wear an orange jumpsuit before we start the walk at the edge of this 418 feet high building.
Sitting on the edge of the 37th floor of Crown Regency Hotel
Thank you guys for doing the OK sign :]
Aside from the harness support, there is a guide that will lead and choreograph you and your group for the whole 360 degrees building walk. A photographer is also along with you to take photos since personal cameras are not allowed to bring  inside the activity ground which will be sold at the end of your activity. 
The thrill seekers
It was really fun and indeed a good bonding experience for our group. We successfully completed the walk on the country's first Skywalk Extreme and received a certificate as a proof. Yey!
I survived the Sky Walk Extreme! (photo from Paula Montano)
Breakdown of Expense:
Transportation - **.**
Registration Fee - 550 pesos
Socks - 20 pesos
1 photo (soft copy) - 100 pesos 3 photos (soft copies with USB) -  350 pesos1  photo (hard copy) - 150 pesos
This is me doing the "one foot at the edge" challenge
The Sky Adventure also offer Edge Coaster (roller coaster tour at the edge), Sky Lift (motorized zip line) and Cliff Hanger (wall climbing).  We only tried the Sky Walk Extreme because we have limited budget but we will definitely go back here to try it all and  that's a promise!

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