Slow-Cooked Sirloin Pepper Steak over Rice

Slow-Cooked Sirloin Pepper Steak Over Rice

Rene Astudillo

Sirloin Pepper Steak Over Rice (Photo from My Bay Kitchen)

Sirloin Pepper Steak Over Rice (Photo from My Bay Kitchen)

I just love seeing multi-colored bell peppers at my favorite supermarket, and I can’t help but immediately think of what dish to cook them up with.  One of my favorite bell pepper recipes comes with strips of beef sirloin steak.  With this recipe, I chose to mince the beef and to cook the dish in a slow cooker. Adding stewed tomatoes makes for some delicious juice that you can pour over your steamed rice, along with the tender beef and pepper mixture. Yet another way to enjoy the colors of spring!


2 lbs beef sirloin, minced (or if desired, cut into 2-inch strips)Garlic powder to taste3 tbsps Olive oil1/4 cup beef broth1 tbsp cornstarch1/2 cup chopped onion3 small bell peppers (green, red and yellow) cut into thin strips1 (14.5 ounce) can stewed tomatoes, with liquid3 tbsps soy sauce1 tsp brown sugar1 tsp saltCilantro for garnish2 cups cooked rice


Sprinkle beef sirloin with garlic powder to taste. Heat Olive oil in a large wok over medium heat. Brown the beef then transfer to slow cooker. Mix cornstarch with the beef broth until dissolved. Pour into the slow cooker. Stir in onion,  bell peppers, stewed tomatoes, soy sauce, sugar, and salt. Cover, and cook on low for 6 to 8 hours. When ready to serve, pour desired amount of the mixture over a bed of cooked rice and garnish with cilantro.

Published on : 15/03/2018 by Puerto Parrot

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