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From when the city was founded in 1571 until the end of the Spanish rule in 1898, Intramuros was Manila. The name Intramuros means “inside the wall.” For 400 years, Intramuros served as the center of the Spanish occupation, originally built to be the residence for Spanish government officials and their families. It was where the most influential and wealthy citizens of colonial Manila lived. The natives and Chinese were not allowed to live inside Intramuros, only the Spanish elite and mestizos.
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These are handsome representatives of the Commonwealth style ushered in by American architects Daniel Burnham and William Parsons and brought into fruition by top Filipino architects such as Juan Arellano and Antonio Toledo. Devastated by the Second World War, they were painstakingly reconstructed, and they served as government buildings in the first decades of the Third Philippine Republic.
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IIf it were a movie, it would be titled The Curse of the Pearly Blob, and the yarn would not have been better scripted if it were fiction. But it is not; it is real life—the stuff of legend, adventure, and song.
That is the fantastic tale of the Pearl of Lao-Tzu, one of the world’s great pearls, originally found off Palawan, and whose full, definitive story is told in thoroughly researched detail that spans over 80 years.
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With the summer season in full swing and kids out for vacation, the Mind Museum is a popular destination. Located in the heart of Bonifacio Global City with world-class facilities and immersive exhibits, it's the perfect place to keep young minds and little hands active while still providing fun for parents and adult companions.
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One of the famous attractions in Makati is the Ayala Museum, it is an art and history museum located at the corner of Makati Avenue and De la Rosa Street in Makati City, Legaspi Village. It is considered one of the most important private institutions of Philippine art and culture.
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In an historic faceoff, a Tausug headcloth dialogues with a Mondrian abstraction at the Asian Art Museum’s “GORGEOUS” show. The exhibition showcasing exceptional artworks from the collections of Asian Art Museum and SFMOMA, challenges preconceptions of what constitutes “gorgeous.”
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When I was young, I remember enjoying art projects in school. I would make my own greeting cards for my parents, and I would even join school contests on poster making. But never once had my works of art (I believe it were, hehe!) won any prize, except of course, that I undoubtedly won my parents’ admiration. ? As I grew up, I became contented with, well, appreciating art and the artists behind the works of art.
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The Philippine Air Force Aerospace Museum is a military museum of the AFP that was earlier founded as Marcos Museum on May 02, 1974. This world-class facility of the PAF is a heritage and a science and technology museum built to honor heroes and airmen of the PAF. The museum displays Philippine military aviation history and related aerospace science exhibits.
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