The Impressive Lankayan Island of Sulu

The Impressive Lankayan Island of Sulu

Photo by Bas Leenders
The Impressive Lankayan Island of Sulu

The province of Sulu is traveled by many tourists, foreign and local alike, just to see the beauty of the island province. For many, it is an achievement to know the hidden treasures that are around the province plus its natural attractions. Like other numerous islands, Lankayan Island in Sulu is a must-see destination that will surely leave a lasting impression to every traveler.

About the island

Lankayan Island is like a rare-pearl dotted on the majestic island of Sulu. It has been declared as part of an immense Marine Protected Area to adopt the eco-tourism concept. For island-hopping trips, the island is one of the perfect getaways. Its outstanding beaches entice guests to explore and discover its marine wealth. Travelers can enjoy water activities like snorkeling, swimming and diving.

The island offers luxury with their simply elegant and exquisite accommodation in all 23 wooden, roomy and perfectly appointed seafront chalets. For nature lovers, the entire surroundings of the island are one of the best subjects for photography. One could have the best angle with an appreciation of a perfect creation carved through the years.

Lankayan Island is a noteworthy sanctuary for marine life preservation. It is a home to sea turtles, most commonly Green and Hawksbill Turtle. Tourists will certainly love to watch sea turtles nesting as well as the new hatchlings of baby turtles released to the sea especially in season from June to September.

Lankayan Dive Site - Jawfish Lair In Lankayan

Lankayan has over 32 dive sites including 2 wrecks and most dives sites are just minutes away by boat. One of the most popular dive sites is the Jaw Fish Lair which is just 4 to 5 minute boat ride from Lankayan jetty.

Trip to Sulu

You can get to Jolo, Sulu from Zamboanga City since ferries leave Zamboanga Port every evening and arrive in Jolo at about four in the morning.

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