In the marine industry, cyber security risks can have potentially serious consequences concerning the safety and security of cargo, shipping vessels, and even crew members. Read more about why cyber security is critical for the maritime industry and challenges, risks in maritime cyber security & best practices to prevent maritime cyber threats.
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Published on 18/05/2022 by sbntech
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Improving the energy efficiency of ships has been a prominent issue in the maritime sector for a while now. But, it was largely a matter of discretion, and shipowners were expected but not obligated to drive energy efficiency on their vessels. Read more.
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Our ship document management system enables ship managers to digitally control and manage documents between the ship and the office onshore. The ship document management software helps store and manage all documents related to ISM safety regulations, manuals, policies on ship equipment, and more.
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Ensuring the safety of the vessel and the environment is critical and a robust ship safety management system lets you manage this daunting task day in and day out with ease. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to the concept of safety management systems, their components, and the vital role they play in the ISM code implementation.
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The two dishes beat other international favorites such as tonkatsu, kung pao chicken, satay, and spaghetti alla puttanesca. After putting the spotlight on local eats such as sinigang and lumpiang shanghai, Taste Atlas, an online culinary guide highlighting cuisines from different nations, includes in its annual list of “100 Best Dishes in the World” two Pinoy favorite dishes, sisig and adobo.
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Pfizer, the pharmaceutical giant that dominates the market for COVID vaccines in the imperialist countries of North America, Europe and Japan, with bilateral agreements for more than six billion doses, is also set to become the main supplier to COVAX, the global vaccine programme to the world’s poorer countries.
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New U.S. legislation aimed to stop the use of slave labor in China’s Xinjiang region has the potential to severely disrupt America’s $150 billion fashion industry. At risk is the industry’s access to the 20 percent of the world’s cotton that’s produced in the region, and the fate of 1 million Uyghurs held in China’s prison camps there.
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The leading Trademark Registration Company in the Philippines. Brealant Inc. is a well known Legal Process Outsourcing company, headquartered in Hong Kong. Our services are Patent registration, Trademark Registration, Trademark search, application and Outsourcing services to the Philippines and international clients worldwide.
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In today’s world, shipping plays an important role in the economy, with over 90% of the world’s trade carried by sea. To enhance the safety as well as the efficiency of maritime transport, protect the sea and the marine environment, it is inevitable to have modern amenities that support communication.
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