In March 1942 US General Douglas MacArthur had been changing trains at Terowie, 220km from Adelaide, when he gave his famous impromptu speech about Allied strategy. In it he talked about the relief of the Philippines being a priority, uttering his best known quote: “I shall return”.
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The Philippines is clearing the streets of vendors, but what happens to them? By banning vendors from public and major roads, Manila began to look a little like a changed city, expansive with less of its customary commotion. Previously packed streets, shopping districts and market areas were made near spotless. Peddlers, drivers of the everyday informal economy, had been erased.
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DAVAO CITY (MindaNews / 20 September) — A recent initiative to aggressively push for the inclusion of Mindanao’s identities, cultures, politics, languages, folkways, tales, as well as traditional conflict resolution systems, trading practices, family relations and, finally the concept of peace and development into the Philippines’ formal and non-formal educational engagements has just taken off with a proposed roadmap.
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CEBU CITY, Philippines – At total of 228 volunteers led by Metro Pacific Investments Foundation (MPIF) and Cebu Cordova Link Expressway Corporation (CCLEC) recently gathered to collect trash that winded up in the coastal village of Poblacion in the Municipality of Cordova, Cebu.
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Jim Watkins is a retired US Army man who moved to the Philippines and got married. This article gives a good insight in the life of a random expat who moved to the Philippines and started a new life. Eventually he got world attention because of his infamous creation: the 8chan website. This is not the whole article. Only the part about his new life in Manila.
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