To the pantheon of pop diversions present-day Filipinos revere, the Three “B”s of Boxing, Basketball and Beauty Pageants, a fourth B should be added: Billiards. Overshadowed by the megaprizes and sheer brutality of Vegas/Macau-set boxing matches and the glitz of “voguing” catwalks of the various Misses So-and-So pageants is the more compact and quiet world of the billiards table.
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Early this morning I was tasked to do vitals rounds -- take blood pressures, check pulses, respiratory rates, and temperatures -- of patients in the recovery room. To say that we have a large volume of patients is an understatement, and often doing vitals is a medical marathon.
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Kabunian, god of the sky-world, walked from the town of Paracelis in Mountain Province to Dangtalan and arrived hungry, but found there were no pots or utensils to cook with. He thus dug the soil and made a pot and cooked himself his meals for three days. The village women peeked from behind bushes and, amazed by what they saw, thereon imitated how Kabunian made a pot from clay.
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We are having pain de chocolat with our coffee, just to be sure we remember that chocolate was ahead of coffee in providing Filipinos a caffeine kick. Another beverage peddled was the broth of yellowed mango leaves stewed in water. It was an alternative for Chinese tea among natives. Ginger tea made with honey or sugar was documented in the early 1600s, having been an acknowledged remedy for a cold among islanders.
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Was it the Nancy Drew book about the lighthouse mystery that got me imagining since I was a teenager? That tall shape of a beacon at sea enlarged my illusion when, years later, I met a couple living in one on the coast of Andalucia. The lighthouse became an ideal dream for a place of solitude, a place to live and write with the sea for a muse.
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Pakikipagkapwa-tao means relating to someone else as a fellow human being. Filipinos most evidently exemplify pakikipagkapwa-tao through the practices of bayanihan and the ‘boodle fight’. The former is more widely done in rural areas of the country. When one person needs to accomplish a task (such as moving house) for example, the whole community pitches in to help – no questions asked.
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It’s Holy Week, and Filipinos have started to trek to popular local vacation destinations and resorts to get some relief from temperatures that have been registering in the mid- to high 90’s on the Fahrenheit scale. So what could be more exciting than to travel to the Summer Capital of the Philippines where the week’s weather forecast averages in the mid 60’s?
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Say “beautiful beach,” and chances are people will think Boracay. The way the vastly popular island hogs all tourism articles, ads and promotions, one would think it was the only game in town. It is, if you’re looking for an island party place. But if you’re after indulging your senses and clearing your mind and just having a good old-fashioned nature trip, there are hundreds of other options. Maybe more. We have more than seven thousand islands after all.
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Whang Od is the oldest living traditional mambabatok artist. (“Batok” is defined as the art of tribal tattoo.) Her name is synonymous with Philippine tribal tattoo culture. She lives in a tiny mountain village called Buscalan, in the town of Tinglayan, Kalinga province in northern Philippines.
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