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What is a Classified?

As often seen in news papers, classifieds are small pieces of information you share with the public.

Classifieds are only visible for 2 months, after that they disappear. If you create a classified as a subscriber, you can reset this date in your dashboard.

A classified is always place dependent. You need to give the location which is a city in the Philippines. In bigger cities, you may also want to add your barangay.

What about the categories?

You can chose only one category. Find the category that comes closest to your request. The main categories are:

Community, For Rent, Items for Sale, Jobs, Personals, Pets, Real Estate, Services, Vehicles.

Your contact details

In most cases, you want people to be able to contact you. You can give your phone number, your email and/or share in the description.

Your email stays hidden at all times. People may contact you by email. This only works for subscribers. You will get an internal email and an reminder in your personal inbox.

Although you can upload pictures in the description, it is recommended that you upload the main picture separately. Only this picture will be visible in the overview.

As a subscriber, all your classifieds are visible in your dashboard.

I am a guest without a login

Guests can create classifieds, but you won't be able to reset the date, be contacted by email or change the content. Consider registering before creating a classified.

If you make a mistake, please contact us.