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What you need to know about Asus Zenfone


A Phone with
Impressive Battery Life

A phone with a poor battery life is always a big bother to many
smartphone users worldwide. People used to lug around power banks, but now
those days are over with the Asus ZenFone Max.

Monster Battery Life

The Asus ZenFone Max is one of the rare breeds of smartphones that comes with a
massive 5000 mAh lithium-ion battery. The huge battery allows the smartphone to
hold a charge for 38 days straight in standby – it's a monster of a battery;
that's more than double than most other smartphones. With the ZenFone Max, you
won't have to worry about carrying a power bank or a charger anymore, it'll
last you through the day and more.

The battery is so large that it can even
charge other smartphones too! Just plug in the other smartphone with a USB
on-the-go (OTG) cable to the ZenFone Max, and you'll be charged in no time.

Powerful Internals

A large battery doesn't do much if it's got
nothing to power, which is why the ZenFone Max comes with a powerful Qualcomm
Snapdragon 410 chipset that also features 4G LTE connectivity for all your
networking needs.

The Snapdragon 410 chipset is a decent
processor that can tear through most daily tasks and media consumption with
ease and efficiency. The Adreno 306 graphics also allows for an immersive
gaming experience on the gorgeous 5.5 inch HD (720p) display.

LTE connectivity also gives the Asus ZenFone
Max faster connectivity of up to 150Mbps. Downloading your apps and music will
be a breeze, and your YouTube videos will load so fast you'd think they were
stored locally on the smartphone. It's also got 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi so you'll
always be with the fast speeds, no matter through 4G or Wi-Fi connectivity.

Gorilla Strong

If you're clumsy, worry not because the
ZenFone Max's gorgeous 5.5" HD display is protected by a layer of Corning
Gorilla Glass 4. Gorilla Glass 4 displays offer twice the resistance to damages
from drops, a 2.5x increase in strength and has a much lower chance of breaking
in daily use. You won't have to worry about two things with the ZenFone Max
Philippines: battery life and display.

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