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Created by fishchin6900 at 22/12/2018
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4 Secrets to Maintain Make Up During Wor

1. Thin & Long-Lasting Foundation

Avoid thick and oily foundations during a sweat session as they can cause clogged pores. Instead, try skin-friendly, long-lasting and thin foundation, those that contain minerals or water-based ones as they help to lessen the burden on our skin and keep our pores clear.

2. Water-proof Eyeliner & Mascara

Having eyeliner and mascara running down your face is one of the biggest makeup disaster. To avoid panda eyes, all you need is sweat- and sebum-proof eyeliner and mascara. If you want a more subtle look, consider applying just the mascara — a trick that can open up your peepers for a wide-awake look.

3. Subtle Color Lip Tint

You won’t want to put obvious color on your lips like you are going to a club, so opt for nude and light shade like rosy-pink or coral to get that peaches-and-cream look. For a natural-looking blush, simply use your fingertips to blend some tint onto your cheeks.

4. Gentle Cleansing Product

One of the biggest reasons why your skin is prone to breakouts may be due to the wrong choice of cleansing product. One that is too harsh can irritate your skin, dry it out, or clog your pores, especially as your skin may be sensitive after a workout. Washing off your makeup as soon as possible with a gentle and hydrating cleansing foam or oil can purify and replenish your skin’s moisture.

It is always important to choose the most suitable makeup for your skin, especially if you insist wearing it for a sweat session. If all else fails, don’t be afraid to go a nature and embrace your natural beauty!

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