Dive logo Coconut Point in Apo Reef



Depth:    5m - 35m / 16' - 115'

Skill Level:    Advanced Open Water

Description:    Slope / Drift

Coconut Point

Its general water setting is gradually sloping and has a depth of 5- 35 meters.  Only experienced divers should be allowed here as strong winds, high waves and strong currents are its trademarks.  Drift diving is at its peak here. 

Due to its unusually strong downward current, divers are advised to take a quick descend down to its bottom of 30 meters and slowly work your way going up.  A small sand slope can be seen and avoided half way through your dive, which makes it all exciting and truly worthwhile.

Its strong currents will prevent you from seeing small fish creatures.  Instead then, bigger fish varieties are common sights like mackerels and tunas.  Different species of sweetlips, parrotfish and trigger fish can also be seen down in its bottom depth.

Marine Life @ Coconut Point

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