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Depth:    Max. 30m / 98'

Skill Level:    All Levels

Description:    Slope


Has a maximum depth of 30 meters and characterized by a flat slope intrinsically covered with colorful corals.  The waters are calm and the currents are generally mild.  Coral blocks come in different sizes and its bottom is sometimes shaken by volcanic activities that create bubbles coming from its sandy ground.  Its shallow waters suit beginner divers.

Its large volume of corals is home to a wide variety of fishes.  You can see a lot of reef fishes, sea snakes, scorpion fishes and even turtles wandering.  Other species include puffer fish, lion fish, parrot fish, and trigger fish.

Flatworms, nudibranches and sea plants are also present.  Its tremendous number of underwater life and a chance to have that “bubble bath” make Largahan a must try diving spot.

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