Dive logo Chapel Point in Apo Reef



Depth:    Max. 30m / 98'

Skill Level:    All Levels

Description:    Slope / Wall

Chapel Point

Named after a Church that can be seen overlooking the area.  It has gentle slopes and a sudden drop towards its big wall.  Having a high tech underwater gadget enables you to take great photos with all the dazzling fishes and corals surrounding you.  It reaches to a depth of around 30 meters with a mild current that’s perfect for any diving exploration.

Tube and finger sponges are present along the wall with Gorgonian Seafans that shoot out from volcanic rocks.   Corals with golden colors are a sight to behold as the sunlight hits making them shine gloriously.  Ledges are cove to Clearfin Lionfish and Moray Eels. Midnight Snappers and a school of Silversides hide in a small cavern.

Gorgeous hard corals, Ribbon Eeel, Sailfin Shrimp Gobies and Bluefin Trevally are waiting for you down there.  Branded Sea Kraits and big green colored turtles make their way in the clear waters meeting you halfway.

Marine Life @ Chapel Point

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