Dive logo Kan-Oran Point in Apo Reef



Depth:    Max: 40m / 131'

Skill Level:    All Levels

Deacription:    Wall

Kan-Oran Point

This area has a depth that reaches 40 meters down.  The current is generally mild but sometimes occurrences of  strong downward currents happen.  It has a rich biodiversity which makes it one of the best diving spots and makes divers marvel at its great underwater beauty.  A popular wall dive that boasts of overhangs and ledges.

Has panoramic hard and soft coral gardens.  Diving means head on encounters with Midnight Snapper, Surgeonfish, Bignose Unicornfish and filefish.  Its sandy part of the wall is where Nudibranchs and Sailfin Gobies stay.

Marine Life @ Kan-Oran Point

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