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APO 29

Depth:    Max. 38m / 125'

Skill Level:    Advanced Open Water

Apo 29

Others call it Barracuda Hill as it seems to be a meeting place for barracudas and sharks.  This diving site should only be explored by skilled divers because of the unpredictability of its water currents. When you take your dive, find a spot to provide you shelter as schools of sharks and barracudas pass by and take interest  in whatever they see.

Rising up from the seabed 50 meters below the surface, Apo 29 is a seamount with its top located at a depth of 25 meters.  As it is subject to swift currents, and as there is a long blue water descent, the site is suitable for experienced divers only.

 Once atop this huge underwater mountain, you can simply sit back and enjoy the show.  With thresher sharks and various reef sharks, along with the occasional group of hammerheads, plus manta rays and thousands of schooling pelagic fish, it offers endless excitement.

The sharks here are not quite as shy as they are in other nearby places; be sure to practice safe shark diving protocols and watch your buddy’s back. 

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