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Batangas is considered a scuba diving haven because it is a short drive by car from Manila. It is recognized as one of the favorite hangouts of people looking for a weekend dive and getaway. Diving is possible all year round. But it is best to dive between the months of November until June. So lets start with Anilao one of the favorites of local and foreign divers.

Diving conditions in Anilao are perfect for novice to experienced divers. Water temperature ranges from 22 to 28C, which makes diving in 3mm wetsuits an ideal skin suits. Average visibility is at about 60 feet. Below the water surface currents can change from nearly zero stream to a powerful one. But the surface tends to stay relatively still. It is advised that expert divers or novice should check the tide tables before diving.

Diving sites consist of coral slope of small drop-offs and shallow coral gardens among sandy patches. It is also a supreme place to observe marine life and macrophotography. Devoted naturalists are able to discover a lot of varieties of nudibranches, frogfish, sea horses, sea cucumber, pipefish, and other colorful fishes.


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