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Depth:    30m - 70m / 98' - 230'

Skill Level:    Advanved Open Water

Description:    Wall


Yapak is the most famous dive site in Boracay Island and one of the best spots in the whole of the Philippines. As a large diving area divided into four prime spots, Yapak has always been the local tourist's favourite. If you are an experienced diver who wants some challenge, then Yapak is meant for you. it is not far from the Punta Bunga dive site, and you can reach it by boat within 15 minutes from Boracay Station 1 or 2. 

What makes Yapak special? The starting depth is 30 meters, potentially six times higher than Tulobhan Reef. The drop down point of the area reaches a staggering 70 meter depth, and this can liven up the adventure's spirit within you. The depth of Yapak is marvellous though - you get to swimm with reef sharks, tuna, napoleon wrasses, and all other types of marine creatures.

The current flow in the dive site is somehow strong, but a guide can accompany you on your underwater escapade. As challenging as this spot is, the reward is definitely a breath taking visual experience!


Video by: divescotty.com

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