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Depth:    8m - 40m / 26' - 131'

Skill Level:    All Levels

Description:    Wall


The dive site consists of two walls that are positioned parallel from each other. The two walls have different minimum and maximum depths, and both have different species of corals and plants. The shallow wall has more crevices and cracks where critters and fishes are hiding and swimming around.

You will find lionfish, triggerfish, anthias, pufferfish, bannerfish and angelfish swimming around these cracks on the wall. It's also very common to see morays, eels and scorpionfish, as well as gobbies at the Balinghai dive site.

The deep wall in Balinghai is home to tuna, some blue spotted stingrays and white tip sharks. The whole diving site is covered with hard and soft corals such as leather and table corals. Many species of sponges and gorgonians are also living here.

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