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Depth:    14m - 36m / 46' - 118'

Skill Level:    Advanced Open Water

Description:    Wall

Virgin Drop

The dive site has a long sloped wall that goes on with many crevices and cracks where you will see critters hiding away from the rest of marine civilisation. The Virgin Drop is suitable for advanced scuba divers and technical divers, since the minimum depth is at 14 meters already, and goes down to 36 meters at the bottom of the slope. The second wall is going down to 50 meters.

The second wall is the most interesting, as you you will see big gorgonians and sea fans. Sponges and soft corals are also inhabiting the wall, where the tropical fishes are shoaling up and down along it. At the bottom of the second wall, there is a mini cave where you can spot some juvenile sharks.

Within the area, the currents are shifting easely. The visibility can be average to very good, depending on the tides and currents


Video by: divescotty.com

Marine Life @ Virgin Drop


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