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Depth:    22m - 30m / 72' - 98'

Skill Level:    Advanced Open Water

Description:    Wreck

Tri-Bird Plane Wreck

The Tri-Bird is a 21 meter long 3-engine airplane with a 25 meter wing span and passenger capacity of 36 that was sunk on 1st March 2012. Already a large family of colorful squid have made this their home.

The wreck sits upside down with the nose on the deeper part of the gentle slope. Beyond the wreck, the reef drops off as a steep wall with the possibility of larger marine life coming up from the deep.

This is the second wreck site in the island after Camia. The depth of this beautiful site is around 25 to 30 meter which is suitable for experienced divers who are seeking for some adventure.

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