Dive logo Channel Drift in Boracay



Depth:    10m - 35m / 33' - 115'

Skill Level:    Advanced Open Water

Description:    Channel / Drift

Channel Drift

This is a thrilling drift dive with fast current that runs through the channel between the islands of Boracay and Panay. The topography is multiple stair-like drop-offs, hence the name Channel Steps. Gorgonian fans, whips and barrel sponges are everywhere on the bottom, along with some rocks that give shelter to sweetlips and groupers.

On the steps at around 30 meters are some small cave-like outcroppings where white tip reefsharks and rays often rest. This dive is a lot of fun, so zoom along and enjoy the ride! The site is perfect for both experienced divers and for those who want to do it as part of the advanced course. This experience will give every diver a natural high of flying underwater.

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