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Depth:    5m - 20m / 16' - 66'

Skill Level:    All Levels

Description:    Reef

Tulobhan Reef

In many ways, Tulobhan Reef is emblematic of the best Boracay dive sites. Diverse marine life has made Tulobhan Reef a primary diving spot not just in Boracay but also the Philippines. While shalower than other diving spots in Boracay, Tulobhan Reef boasts of a steady flow of slow current that makes the diving experience comfortable and wonderful. The starting depth is 5 meters and the maximum level around 20 meters in depth. Tulobhan Reef is accessible via boat, or feel free to swim from the shore. 

No doubth the biggest attraction of Tulobhan Reef is its corals. The color and activity of the marine life make for a memorable dive. Get up close to sea snakes, feather stars, parrot fish and cuttle fish. Overall, the diving site is recommended for inexperienced divers. Anyone who wants an easy and relaxing dive will find Tulobhan Reef a perfect site. Given the structure of Tulobhan Reef, you will find yourself enjoying the beautiful scene rather than struggling against the current.

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