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Depth:    Max. 30m / 98'

Skill Level:    Advanced Open Water

Description:    Wreck

Olympia Maru

Freighter with unknown origin supposedly built in Europe. The Olympia Maru is sitting in an upright position, 10 degree listed to port. This site is also a pleasant “warm up” dive for wreck lovers. Big Cargo holds allows easy penetration.

The bridge-section is nearly totally collapsed because of the main bomb-hits she suffered. The engine is salvaged, only 2 small boilers left inside of the engine room. Plenty of light comes in the holds and in the empty engine room.


Once again many scorpion fishes, massive groupers, batfishes, fusiliers, wrasses, sometimes sea snakes, turtle and rays. Huge bushes of soft corals (black corals) on both sides of the ship, in where well-trained eyes can spot out seahorses and ghost pipe-fishes, and the common lion fish is hovering around the stern and bow.


The still intact bow and stern masts are quite interesting for macro-stuff.


On the nearest front (bow-deck) of the vessel, is a gun-turret left and a nearly present current gives you a very rich fish-life there. (Good spot for underwater-photography).


Visibility is around 8-15m, can drop down to 3-5m depending on conditions. A quite calm, but sometimes reasonable current.

Marine Life @ Olympia Maru

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