Depth:    Max. 43m / 141'

Skill Level:    Advanced Open Water

Description:    Wreck


A few minutes boat ride southwest of Kogyo Maru, another impressive Japanese Ship went down in this furious strike of the American Air force in September 24, 1944.


Irako, a provision-vessel for refrigerating food, sunk after disastrous bomb-hits mainly in her bridge-section and is now resting in a max. Depth of 42m of water in an upright position angled to her portside.


For wreck-experts she is undoubted the best and most interesting wreck on the place. But, because of the depths and the size, sometimes unfavorable conditions and pretty advanced options to penetrate this wreck, it makes dives on this wreck some sort of serious.

The good old Danish DM Claus Rassmunsen, one of the most experienced divers on the wrecks of Coron- Bay, called a dive on Irako as a “triple-d”-dive…deep, dark, dangerous…absolutely right!


Irako is definitely not a wreck for beginners. Advanced Open Water Certification with an experience of at least 25 dives, is the basic requirement, better to dive Irako with a wreck- specialty certification, because with a kind of confidence you can experience the beauty and the thrill of this gorgeous wreck much more!

Transmission room, the propeller shaft on starboard side, kitchen compartments, a workstation with a lathe machine left, the engine room with the engines still in place are only a few highly exciting penetrations on Irako.

But also for underwater naturalists there is a load to see: shoals of travelly, fusiliers and snappers, lion and scorpion fish, and maybe once a year a whale shark….could be, you are the one encounter this gentle giant!


Video by:

Marine Live @ Irako

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