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Depth:    Max. 30m / 98'

Skill Level:    All Levels

Description:    Wreck

Tangat Wreck

The Hektor (Tangat Wreck) was sunk on 24 September 1944 by US aircraft. It sits almost upright with perhaps a 15 degrees list to port, pointing 170 degrees (compass bearing) in 100 ft of water; the main deck is at 60-80 ft. The site provides a good introduction to wreck diving for novices, with easy penetration of the cargo holds and a good variety of fish life.

There are several large puffer fish, lots of large lionfish and scorpion fish, a lone bumper head parrotfish, schools of batfish, snappers and sweepers, six-ban dad angelfish and innumerable sponges. In good visibility this is an excellent wreck for photographers.

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