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Depth:    Max. 35m / 115'

Skill Level:    All Levels

Description:    Lake

Barracuda Lake

Barracuda Lake is a very unusual dive site famous for its Thermocline. It is located North West of Coron Island.

It is a freshwater lake taking place in a former crater. It is about 40m deep and surrounded by sharp limestone cliffs. Barracuda Lake is a beautiful place but to get there after a boat ride from Coron Island you have to climb for 30min with your full gear on your back!

There is not much fauna in the lake but you can still spot Gobies, Shrimps, Groupers and sometimes Barracudas! This suggests that the Lake may have been connected to the sea in the past. Diving here is really nice as you can observe unusual and intriguing underwater rock formations. It is also a popular snorkelling spot.

The first 4m layer of water is actually fresh water around 28°C. When you are going down you then meet salt water. There is a huge Thermocline and Heliocline at 14m deep and the water temperature is rising to 38°C!!!

It is really a must dive in addition to the Wrecks if you stay for a few days in Coron.

Marine Life @ Barracuda Lake

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