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Cabilao Island has some of the best dive sites in the Philippines and offers exciting dives. The Island is Southwest of Pangangan Island across the Bohol Strait. A small island of Lo-on, Bohol. It is 1 hour 20 minutes boat ride by banca from Mactan Island, Cebu.

Very good visibility is certain in Cabilao! Even when it's wavy, the visibility underwater can reach the 25 meters mark. The biodiversity of Cabilao is a must-see, specially for underwater photographers. All levels of scuba divers can enjoy diving in Cabilao. The top of the wall is between 3 to 18 meters and is absolutely gorgeous with so many species of colorful fishes shoaling around numerous kinds of soft and hard corals. Big gorgonians and many kinds of sponges are living along the wall which can go down to 60 meters.

Cabilao is known for its hammerhead sharks in the north part of the island. But overall there are many dive sites in Cabilao. In short, you will be able to see:

  • Some reef shark (white tips and black tips sharks)
  • Schools of jacks (yes the word school is plurial as there is many different schools of jacks all around)
  • Schools of barracudas
  • Seahorses and nudibranchs
  • Scorpionfish and all its derivative species as the stonefishes
  • Ghost pipefish, frogfish, leaf fish
  • Turtles, sea snakes and rock lobsters
  • Many different reef fishes shoaling around the hard and soft corals

And there is so much more to see!


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