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As well as its beautiful scenery and fantastic beaches above the waves, Camiguin is known for some great diving on peaceful sites, unspoilt by mass tourism. Located in the Bohol Sea, it is of little surprise that the diving around Camiguin rivals more well-known areas such as at Dauin and Alona nearby.

And yet the diversity here can take divers by surprise and Camiguin has started to gain a real reputation for interesting muck diving on several black sand dive sites around the coast.

Seahorses and pygmy seahorses, Ambon scorpionfish, flambuoyant cuttlefish and mandarinfish can all be found, as well as the extraordinary wonderpus and other unusual cephalopods. Whilst other locations such as the Lembeh Strait in indonesia may have a wider range of muck diving sites, Camiguin offers the same species, but on sites with few or no other divers to be seen.

Away from the macro diving sites, other unique experiences can be found on the Westcoast beneath the looming Camiguin Volcano. An eruption several decades ago blew large blocks of the volcano down into the sea. These blocks now rest in a tangle of interesting structures on the sea bed, creating some fascinating topography to navigate as well as the priding the perfect home for soft and hard corals that flourish in the nutrient-rich currents.

Other sites, including Kantaan, Cabuan Point and the slopes and walls of Jidgup, are all great for beautiful seascapes and corals, patches of anemones, as well as stingrays and sleeping whitetip reef sharks hidden in crevices or under table corals.

Day trips to Mantique Island Nature Park to the east of Camiguin are popular for divers but an absolute must for snorkelers with the potential for large schools of jacks, barracuda, and other schooling reef fish. With a beach picnic often included, these day trips make for an unforgettable day out.


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