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Depth:    25m - 82'

Skill Level:    Open Water

Description:    Wall / Caves

Ligid Island

Ligid’s underwater sea life is what divers’ dreams are made of. On Ligid's west side, a night dive reveals hundreds of fine golden sea cucumbers densely littering the reef amid a rainbow of soft corals, hydroids and basket stars.

Several meters down are two caves, one of which has three entrances that lead to a corridor. Both are inhabited by small reef fishes, black corals, soft corals and sponge crabs. Outside the caves, you may find several species of crabs, tunicates, scorpion and lionfishes, sleeping parrot and rabbit  fishes, morays and razorfishes hovering  vertically in a harp gorgonian.

Pinnacle Point found at the southeastern tip of Big Ligid is a challenging dive for most divers due the strong current. Divers may encounter morays and an octopus hiding in a few of the many small holes.

Marine Life @ Ligid Island


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